With more than 80 years experience of elevator manufacturing and meet European Standards (EN-81) and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), we Nippon Lift Korea make your building more comfortable and effective in vertical transportation.

From last decade up to now we are offering and supplying state-of-art designed elevators with advanced Green Technologies in various and modern buildings such as apartment, complexes, office buildings and etc. both in domestic and overseas market.

In order to do faster and closerservices to our customers in the world we have setting up world-wide after-service networks in each countries and markets and keep them updated with advanced and high technologies developed by our R&D center in Korea. And also those local after-service networks of each markets will serve and take care of our clients with 24 hours stand-by and continues toimprove and develop the after-service tools and methods to be more convenience and comfortable in usage of our elevators.

Furthermore, in order to meet fast and short construction delivery, we have our own "Short-Delivery-Service(SDS)" team so called, which is TFT engineering staffs and focus on Short-Delivery productions, performing and supporting faster approving of drawings and producing of elevators in each parts of elevators. With this special SDS service and our sincerity of manufacturing philosophy,we can always contribute to our client’s satisfaction and create Blue Ocean markets for mutual benefits between our clients and us.